John A Graham has over fifteen years experience performing in, and directing ensembles.

Yale Georgian Choir (2015-2016). Video on the Performances page of this website.

Yale Gamelan Ensemble (2015-2016).

Princeton Georgian Choirs (2006-2013). John served as artistic director and concert organizer for this ensemble of Princeton undergraduates, graduate students, and staff members. There are links to video on the Performances page of this website; here are also some audio recordings:

Princeton Maracatu Brazilian Marching Band (2012). John was a performer in this new Princeton ensemble, directed by Scott Kettner of Maracatu-NewYork. See live video of our first performance:

While conducting research in Tbilisi Georgia, John was an active member of the Aghsavali Ensemble, a Georgian mens choir devoted to the promotion and performance of Georgian traditional chant. There are many videos on the Performance page of this website; here is also an audio recording:

Princeton Bata Drumming Group (2009). John was a performer with the ensemble, directed by Elizabeth Sayre.

Musica Alta is Princeton University’s early music ensemble. For a program of Ockeghem and Binchois (2006), John was a baritone performer.

Northern Harmony (2004). John was a singer with this semi-professional ensemble on a 35-concert tour of Great Britain. His trio regularly performed one of the more difficult Georgian sacred chants on that tour:

At Wesleyan (1999-2003), John performed in the University West African drum and dance ensemble under the direction of Abraham Adzenyah. He also performed mrdungam and Karnatak raga under the direction of TJ Vishanathan and Mark Nelson. He sang in several ensembles including the Renaissance vocal ensemble, Collegium, under the direction of Jane Alden; the Wesleyan Gospel Choir, directed by Pastor Marichal Monts; the Wesleyan Spirits acappella group; and the New Music Ensemble Rosentest, directed by Edward Jessen.

For his senior recital at Wesleyan (2003), John transcribed and taught Georgian chants and folksongs to a small men’s ensemble including Peter Wilson-Tobin, Ari Wolfe, Wes Pedersen, Mark Vorkink, Aaron Taylor, Iain Macleod. From the final concert live recording, here is a sample of tracks: